Common Frequency President on Free Speech TV

Common Frequency board president Gavin Dahl interviewed former FCC commissioner Michael Copps, longtime public interest champion, and Free Press CEO Craig Aaron on Free Speech TV. The discussion centered on corporate broadcasters' opposition to election ad transparency, the dramatic impacts of media consolidation on diversity and journalism and the upcoming National Conference for Media Reform in Denver. Gavin is a host on KGNU community radio in Boulder/Denver and works for David Barsamian at Alternative RadioWATCH HERE.

Center for Media Justice on LPFM for Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

By Steven Renderos & Betty Yu of Center for Media Justice

"Today, after years of activism, a new law on low-power FM (LPFM) radio is paving the way for the greatest expansion of FM radio in decades. This is a huge victory for media justice: Communities across the U.S. now have the power to transform the media landscape and fight corporate media owned and controlled by the 1 Percent. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for historically marginalized communities of color, immigrant and low-income folks to own and operate their own means of media production and infrastructure—through their own LPFM radio station."

Read the article: Seizing the Airwaves

FCC Streamlines Petitioning Process

In a technological leap of progess, the FCC has added a new feature to its Consolidated DataBase System to allow electronic filing of Informal Objections, Petitions to Deny/Reconsideration, Applications for Review, Replies, Oppositions, and Supplements.  Previously all filings needed to be mailed or hand-deliveried via hard copy to the Secretary's Office.  The new system makes the petitioning process a lot easier and more reliable. 


FCC Releases Order to Migrate TV Public Files Online

FCC released the Second Report and Order concerning the FCC public inspection file.  Currently all broadcasters must have a public inspection file.  The file is currently a physical filed located at the broadcast facility that members of the public can inspect during station business hours.  The FCC has finally signaled to broadcasters, first with television broadcasters, that public files with be migrated to an online forum hosted by the FCC.


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