REC's FCC Petition for Rulemaking for Non-Commercial Service in Smaller Communities

Submitted by Todd Urick on Mon, 08/05/2019 - 21:32


REC Network's petition for rulemaking was assigned a FCC rulemaking number RM-11846.  REC proposes a rural non-commercial educational FM radio service.  New stations could be proposed under a qualifying eligibility: 

- The proposed community of service is outside the U.S. Census Bureau urbanized area.

- The area must have no other radio broadcast service licensed to it.

- Must meet the minimum NCE Class A station class (60 dBu contour of 6 km or greater, operate 250 watts or less, and operated on the reserved band of 88.1 - 91.9 FM).

- The prospective applicant would have to demonstrate no channels on the NCE band are available, but a channel is open that could be available with a second or third adjacent waiver.

- The proposed protected contour of the new station cannot place a service contour into an urbanized area.

Read more about the proposal here.