FCC to Modernize Public Notice of Applications Filed

Submitted by Todd Urick on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 23:11


The FCC rules require that television and radio broadcast applicants give public notice to the communities they serve upon filing select applications with the FCC.  The Commission is looking to modernize these public notice rules within a new rulemaking proceeding (Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making – MB Docket Nos. 05-06, 17-105, 17-264), suggesting to:

  • Propose to replace the newspaper publication requirement with written public notice posted online on a publicly accessible website with a link to the application;
  • Propose to simplify and standardize the public notice requirements for on-air announcements;
  • Propose to clarify certain local public notice obligations, such as those pertaining to international broadcast stations and low-power FM stations; and
  • Propose to similarly streamline and update Section 73.3594 of the Commission’s rules concerning public notice for stations designated for hearing

Read the FNPRM here