FCC Media Bureau Moves FM Applications From CDBS to LMS September 25

Submitted by Todd Urick on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 23:19


FCC plans to migrate its system for application submissions for FM facilities from the older CDBS (Consolidated Data Base System) to LMS (License and Management System) come September 25, 2019.  FCC Video Division had already been utilizing this system, but application/forms 301 (Commercial FM construction FM), 302 (FM station license), 318 (LPFM construction permit), 319 (LPFM license), 340 (Non-commercial educational FM construction permit), 349 (FM translator/booster construction permit), and 350 (FM translator/booster license application) will finally be moved over to LMS.  The new system does not need a CDBS-type login, but simply the applicant's FCC Registration Number and password for logging-in.  The system has an entirely different file-number labeling regime (gone are the old letter/date prefixes like BNPFT-20180418XXX, which everyone that was asked seems to lament).  Pleadings can also be submitted through the system like CDBS.  Currently, the interface has some bugs, and the interface for searching for applications is clunkier than CDBS.