FCC Seeks Comment on Zonecasting

Submitted by Todd Urick on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 16:49

March 13, 2020 GeoBroadcast Solutions submitted proposed a rulemaking to the FCC to allow a product called ZoneCasting to be utilized by FM broadcasters.  The technology would be used associated with FM booster stations -- stations that are on the same channel as a primary broadcaster's signal that simply re-broadcast the same audio as the main signal in areas of weak reception.  GeoBroadcast is asking the FCC if these boosters could, at select times, rebroadcast other content, with the intent of providing content specific to a certain area (like different commercials).  While the technology is not impossible, it is questioned whether this technology would be useful, as a smaller percentage of FM stations have FM boosters -- usually in mountainous areas.  The FCC is currently asking for comments on the issue.  GeoBroadcast's Petition for Rulemaking can be found here.  Parties may file comments under "RM-11854" within the Commission's electronic comment filing system