2019-2022 FCC Broadcast license renewals

Submitted by Todd Urick on Thu, 06/03/2021 - 21:02

All broadcast radio stations must file for station renewal between 2019 and 2022 within the FCC's 7-year licensing cycle.   This formally requires the submission of Form 303-S, and for all full power stations, the additional Form 396 (Employment Opportunity Program Report -- LPFM and FM translators need not file this).

(1) The filing times is dependent upon which state your station community of license is licensed to.  The FCC provides a chart HERE of the application filing date followed by the license expiration date.

(2) For full power stations (not LPFM or FM translator, which are exempt), make sure you Public Inspection File is updated.

(3) Broadcast pre-filing announcements used to be required six and five months prior to filing the renewal.  The FCC has eliminated that requirement.

(4) Check if your station's current mail and email address are correct.   If this information is wrong it can be correct via logging into FCC's LMS application website (your station's FCC registration number is required).

(5) Fill out Schedule 303-S.  The FCC's new LMS application database makes it easy.   The most difficult part is figuring out how to find the application in LMS.  If you have any questions, email todd [at] commonfrequency [dot] org and we can help you find it.

(6) Prepare the script for on-air announcement.  Sample:  On [DATE], [NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION], licensee of [YOUR CALL SIGN], [STATION FREQUENCY], [STATION COMMUNITY OF LICENSE], filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for license renewal. Members of the public wishing to view this application or obtain information about how to file comments and petitions can visit www.fcc.gov/stationsearch, and search in the list for [YOUR CALL SIGN]'s filed applications

(7) Schedule the announcements:  Broadcast the notice once every Monday and Thursday between 7am and 11pm for weeks, starting the Monday after you file your renewal form.

(8) For brevity, a sample broadcast announcement schedule is as follows:  Once every Monday and Thursday between 7am and 11pm for four weeks, starting the Monday after you file your renewal form.

(9) Keep a record of this.  Perhaps have the air-on operator or chief operator initial that each announcement was played, and attach a declaration.  For full power licensees, you must upload this proof of public notice to your Online Public Inspection File.

More Information: Section §73.3580 of the rules.