FCC Opens Directional Antenna Rulemaking Docket

Submitted by Todd Urick on Sun, 01/09/2022 - 16:59

The FCC recently indicated that they are taking comments of four antenna manufacturers under consideration concerning the change of the rules concerning design of directional broadcast antennas.  Currently FM broadcasters indicating directional patterns for facilities are required to have an antenna manufacture test that antenna on a field or employ a scale model in a test, measuring the actual field per a specific frequency.  This is a costly procedure.  Antenna manufacturers have suggest a change to the rules to allow computer modeling of directional antennas, eliminating a field test, saving cost of design.  Common Frequency, however, wonders why these manufacturers might opt this since there are a mere hand full of manufacturers that actually can currently perform a proof of performance study.  One might think this would open the marketplace for computer performance studies, vastly increasing competition.  Nevertheless, here is the proposed rulemaking.  That public has until January 20 to comment on the proposal, and February 4 for reply comments.  Comments can be made through ECFS.