FCC Releases Further Details On November LPFM Filing Window

As a follow-up to their original announcement a month previous, the FCC released a public notice July 31, 2023 outlining specifics concerning the protocol for a LPFM filing window.  The filing window, November 1 to November 8, 2023, is for nonprofits, educational organizations, Native groups, and governmental agencies to file for new radio stations 88.1 - 107.9 MHz.  The notice summarized the details for filling out Form 2100, Schedule 318 via the FCC Media Bureau's electronic filing system -- the Licensing and Management System (LMS).  Most of the notice summarized instructions and policies that have been standard with other non-commercial licensing opportunities, mainly detail of the description of the terms and qualifications from the form.  While the form can be filled out without the use of legal or engineering consultants, it is recommended that at least some type of technical consultant is consulted with cerning the channel engineering portion to assure its validity.  Section 73.870 of the FCC rules dismisses all applications that are not compliant with FCC minimum station spacing rules, without the opportunity to amend the application.

Other the the application and processing details, the new information here is that the FCC is enacting a filing freeze commencing September 1 until the end of the filing window for all existing FM translator and LPFM stations.

Public Notice DA 23-642 can be found here.