FCC Media Bureau Announces Transition of Additional Forms to LMS Database

"The Media Bureau is pleased to announce the completion of the transition of Media Bureau filings and electronic records from the Consolidated Database System (CDBS) to the Licensing and Management System (LMS). Commencing July 26, 2023, the public must submit through LMS the following filings that were previously submitted using CDBS or a paper form:


• Application for Construction Permit for AM Broadcast Station

• Application for AM Broadcast Station License

• Application for Direct Measurement of AM Broadcast Station

• AM Engineering Special Temporary Authorization (STA)

• Extension of AM Engineering STA

• Application for Construction Permit for New Class D Noncommercial Educational FM Broadcast Station

• Application for Construction Permit for New Low Power FM Station

• Equipment Test Authority Notification

• Program Test Authority Notification

• Restoration of Licensed Operation"


See Public Notice DA 23-600