FCC Finally Ready to Expand Low Power Radio After 15 Years

What does all this mean?

The FCC recently released two Reports and Orders that pave the way for a low power non-commercial radio service after more than a decade of disputes with commercial radio licensees and translator applicants.  What this effectively means is local nonprofit entities will soon be able to apply for their own 100 watt FM radio stations.  You may have heard much fanfare surrounding the recent notice, after a previous rulemaking in July 2011, the Local Community Radio Act becoming a law at the opening of 2011, and a slough of other updates from the FCC over the past five years.  If you have been waiting around for the past decade wondering exactly why this ordeal is taking so long, we sympathize.  The slow-moving issue has a lot to do with political and engineering issues—two realms that do not mesh well.


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