Low Power FM

RECNET  Michelle Eyre presents the definitive source for LPFM.

LPFM Listing  Brought to you by Pirate Jim

Prometheus Radio Project

Expand LPFM  Updates on the Local Community Radio Act



College Broadcasters, Inc:  CBI has some informative pages on webcasting copyright basicswebcast guiderecordkeepingregulation, and display.



Jampro Tools:  Jampro has a number of useful Calculators/Converters such as for TPO FM/TV Gain-Loss in Coax SystemsERP for FM/TVVSWR, and others.  Also check out technical document library and HD radio planning Assistance.

NADCON Computation: Simple way to convert between NAD 27 and NAD 83

FCC HAAT Calculator  Calculate Height Above Average Terrain


Broadcast Query

Cavell Mertz FCC Info  Multiple types of AM, FM, TV, Aux Broadcast query.

Radio-Locator  Comprehensive radio station search engine with InternationalCanadian, and Unused Channel (for part 15 devices, not broadcast) Searches     

FCC Query: 

    FM Database  Tech data on FCC-licensed FM facilities (Including translator and booster)

    AM Database  AM Facilities

    TV Database  TV/DTV/Translator Facilities

    CDBS Search  FCC application information

    General Menu  Frequency Searches

    ASR Tower Records/Applications

Recnet Search  Comprehensive broadcast area search

Antenna Search  Tower/antenna search tool


Radio News

The Broadcasters' Desktop Reference  An engineering-centric site from a radio professional dealing with pertinent broadcast topics.

Radio World  A very decent news source for radio managers and engineers.

Radio Daily News


Radio History

United States Early Radio History

John's Radio Pages

History of: KAZUKUSP by Don Mussell


Independent/Community/Public Media Advocates

AMARC World Association of Community Broadcasters

College Broadcasters, Inc

Free Radio Berkeley

Grassroots Radio Coalition

Intercollegiate Broadcast System

National Federation of Community Broadcasters


Prometheus Radio Project

Public Radio Capital

Station Resource Group

Youth Radio


Independent Media Advocates

A-Infos Radio Project


Community Radio Advocates

National Federation of Community Broadcasters

Free Radio Berkeley



Community Media

Immense Possibilities